YES... IT DOES MATTER - Four key area's for Christians today are the areas of Giving, Witnessing, Dress and Music. Is the way you are giving of your time, talent's and treasure to God and your local church Biblical? Is the way you are dressing for church and outside of church Biblical? Is the music your church uses or you listen to right according to what the Bible says? Are you sharing the good news of Christ like you should?


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NOTE TAKERS & QUIET TIME JOURNAL - This journal is designed to be used in conjunction with the 20/20 Bible Club teen curriculum or as a stand alone journal for those just looking for a way to take sermon and message notes in an organized and retrievable manner. In this journal there are sections for note taking, quiet time and a quote section.

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For the 20/20 Bible Club program - Instructor will need the Teachers Edition of each series. Students will need the Student Edition of each series along with a Note Takers and Quiet Time Journal for taking notes and recording Quiet Time for club points.

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT CUTTING? - Does the Bible say anything about cutting? - The Bible has a lot to say about the subject of cutting, commands concerning it and why those commands were given. The Bible even gives us an example of a person who was cutting themselves, the reason why, how they got help and who was the one that did and could help them. The Bible and Jesus Christ provides the help needed concerning this issue.

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PEACE IN THE STORM - This is an easy to read book written in the memory of the authors mother, Bertha J. Seiber, it is full of God's promises to those going through storms in their life. Two chapters are composed of her notes and her words the author found in her home upon her death. These notes of hers are about God's faithfulness. This book is a blessing to read and will be a blessing to all those who it is given to. This book is highly recommended!

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